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Kolme naista ja mies tutustuvat pöydän ympärillä Spouse Programin tuomiin mahdollisuuksiin.

Information, guidance and support for integration and career plans.

Towards studies, work or entrepreneurship in Finland

The Spouse Program offers basic information about the opportunities in the Southern Ostrobothnia region for the spouses of international employees and students.

Information, guidance and support for integration and career plans

Finland’s population is ageing and according to Etla Economic Research Institute a yearly net migration of 44,000 people is needed to stabilize the size of Finland’s labor force. People moving to Finland for studies and work often come together with their families. All newcomers need information, guidance and support related to their career plans and integration into the local community.

The Spouse Program, organized by Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management (Suomen Yrittäjäopisto), aims at providing spouses of international employees and students basic information about opportunities in the area of Southern Ostrobothnia.

The focus is on participants’ skills and experience and how these can be used to build a career in Finland. 

Reshma and Mildred Dsouza share their experiences about the Spouse Program in the video above.
Suomen Yrittäjäopistolle kansainvälisyys on tärkeää: Eri kansalaisuuksien mies ja neljä naista istuvat ympyrässä tutkimassa SYOn koulutusvalikoimaa.

Who is the Spouse Program for?

The coaching program is suitable for spouses of international workers and students who plan to study, get find employment or start a business in Finland.

Implementation and Content of the Program

The Spouse Program is a combination of group activities, individual mentoring, peer support, and networking. A certain theme is discussed during group activities and participants are given guidance for tasks to be performed independently at home. The participants receive also personal mentoring.

At the end of the program participants have a realistic picture of their possibilities and the steps needed to achieve their own goals. One of the most important outcomes of the Spouse Program is also building a wider contact network.

Themed Group Meetings

  1. Getting to Know Each Other and Making Plans
    • Getting to know the group, exchanging ideas, clarifying and opening up your own plans.
  2. Exploring Opportunities
    • Finding out the possibilities of the area – industries, employers, education opportunities, entrepreneurship.
  3. Implementation of Plans and Tools
    • Tools to implement the plan. Practical tools for searching and contacting relevant organizations.
  4. Practical Networking and Further Plans
    • Networking at a recruitment event or a company visit.

Time and duration

The total duration of the training program spans four themed days, including:

  • Group activities: 6 hours
  • Homework: 4-10 hours
  • Personal mentoring: 1.5-3 hours per participant.


The training is priced at EUR 625 eur per person (VAT included).

Customized implementations

The Spouse Program can be customized for a certain group.

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