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Entrepreneur, is there a lot to do, not enough time and days are stretching out? You may have thought that an extra pair of hands would be useful, and you may be considering the recruitment of additional labour power.

Hiring labour power may seem risky, operating as an employer may seem complicated and mapping various options alongside the company’s business operations may seem laborious.

The Employ with Competence expert service is here to help in these cases. The free nationwide service conveniently provides you with the basic skills for operating as an employer. You will receive reliable information on issues concerning recruitments and acquiring labour power.

For self-employed entrepreneurs or small companies

The Employ with Competence service is designed for growth-seeking self-employed entrepreneurs and small companies. It is intended to support the growth of companies and to create new work opportunities. Its aim is that employment and contractual relationships would begin as well as possible.

Whether you are working as a self-employed entrepreneur or in a small company, the service will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge about operating as an employer. You will also gain comprehensive information on various recruitment methods and channels for buying labour power that are suitable for you, as well as a concrete progress plan. In advice, you will also receive information from us about salary subsidies and other forms of company subsidies.

The Employ with Competence service offers


  • Skills for recruitment, buying, hiring or otherwise acquiring labour power
  • Basic skills for managing employment and contract issues
  • Reliable information about the methods of buying labour power and recruitment channels
  • A concrete, tailor-made progress plan
  • Comprehensive amount of additional material on the subject

In support of the growth of a self-employed entrepreneur or small company

The service is primarily designed for growth-ambitious self-employed entrepreneurs and small companies, which have the need to recruit or commission work. Even if you are only considering the opportunity of buying labour power, it is a good reason to apply for the service.

Even if you aren’t planning to hire anyone right now, it is worth acquiring reliable information now for future purposes, free of charge. You may need it sooner than you expect.

Contents of the Service

The advice service will not take up much of your time – in total only about 2-5 hours.

We shall map your company’s needs in recruitment or buying labour power on an individual and confidential basis. We will personally advise you and start with the situation of your company. We will organise advisory meetings in a manner and at a time that are most suitable for you – including over the phone or via a video conference.

The service includes a mapping your service needs and current situation, 1 to 3 hours of personalised advice and a final sparring session. Furthermore, participants will get access to a database of guidelines and an individual written plan to support their progress.

Free service offered by the ELY Centre

The service is funded by the ELY Centre, which is why it is free of charge for your company.

Employ with Competence is an expert service intended for self-employed entrepreneurs and small companies which is offered nationwide by the Uusimaa TE Services and ELY Centre, and in which Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management operates as the service provider.

The service supports the growth of companies by providing information and advice on recruitments, buying labour power or other methods of acquiring labour power, as well as on issues on being an employer. The service is produced by the TE Office’s contractual partners among which you can select your preferred one.

Further details about the service can be found on TE Services’ website.

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We provide this service throughout Finland.

Employ with Competence - acquire skills now for operating as an employer.

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