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Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management

Pioneer in sustainable Entrepreneurship

Finnish Institute for Enterprise Management is operating under the authorization of the Ministry of Education and Culture and has the permission to organize adult education and issue diplomas and sertificates.

The Institute was established in 1968 and has operated with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and their staff for nearly 50 years in Finland and abroad. Our customers include already three generations of business owners and we have created successful business stories with them. Our way of doing things is based on our values, which are openness, trust and customer orientation.  Our customerships are long-term and are built on a close and confidential co-operation with our customers and on an individual approach to their learning needs. Our training programs are tailored to our customers´ specific needs and expectations. We share our business knowledge within the organization and work in co-operation with a large network of partners.

Entrepreneurship is a way of living, which we know from our own experience. Come and improve your business skills with us!

For more information on our services, please contact:

Education Manager
Satu Hautanen
Tel. +358 40 534 8441
Email. satu.hautanen(at)

More information on adult education: Finnish National Board of Education

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